Vessels are wheel thrown and trimmed using mid-range fire stoneware clay. The surface designs are only loosely planned out and then created by free-hand carving. The geometric pattern (that isn’t technically speaking a pattern) on my pieces is something I’ve been drawing since 2nd grade, though it has evolved somewhat. I consider carving into clay the perfect application for my designs.


Jewelry pendants are made a lot like cookies. I roll out a slab and then punch out shapes with cookie cutters. Then I put in the extra holes so they can be attached to their stainless steel components.


Glazes are applied by brushing, often two or more glazes are layered on top of one another. Brushing glazes gives my surfaces more depth and visual texture. Both the free-hand nature of my carving and brushing of glazes makes each piece even more unique.


​Meg lives in Philadelphia with her partner Greg. The Logical Hue ceramic studio is in the basement but she will work in the living room whenever convenient. All photography is also done by Meg, her only semi-formal education being a one-year program photography school (that doesn’t exist anymore).